Wines and winemakers under the lights

Competitions, specialized magazines, buying guide: our partner winemakers and their wines are in the spotlight.

The winemakers invites himself on your tabel

Our partner winemakers are at the head of a small to medium sized property. Each of their wine results from their own work, from the size of the vine to the bottling, and tells their story. Read our descriptions and get to know them. Make them a visit during one of your travels in France!

The price from the cellar

The mechanism of group sales allows Vitineos to practice prices "departure property" and thus to guarantee an unbeatable value for money. The transportation costs are shared and the options of withdrawal of your order allow you to not pay additional costs.


The practices of the partner winemakers follow the specifications of organic wines, obtained in biodynamic (Demeter or Biodyvin), HVE (high environmental value), Terra Vitis, Nature and Progress. In a minority of cases, they are not labeled but have been practicing sustainable agriculture for many years.

Wines made from a clean agriculture

The winemakers selected by Vitineos are anxious to set up a viticulture respectful of the environment and vinify their wines with the least possible inputs. Their yields are low, a guarantee of good quality.

Who we are...

Behind Vitineos, Benoit Van den Nieuwenhof, trained engineer and family man, passionate about wine. To share his passion and to discover the winemakers and their good wines, he reorganized his working time to start the Vitineos group sales.

The Vine, the Earth, the Man

- A tool for connecting a winemaker and a wine lover through a short circuit, to share a common passion for wine - Direct contact with Passionate Men, working the Vine and the Earth in sustainable agriculture, certified organic, HVE (high environmental value), biodynamic or nature, to create a wine, product of terroir and tradition, high quality - The practice of a fair price policy and accurate product descriptions , fueled by the community, for an optimal choice and the greatest satisfaction of the final consume.

Free Tasting

Each of our group sales is preceded by a free tasting during which you have the opportunity to taste six wines among the wines on offer. Each of the three winemakers selected for the combined sale presents two wines from its range. The other wines are offered for sale during the tasting session so that you can also enjoy yourself at home before ordering.




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